Mary Person seated in a classroom and talking with two young boys.


I  am concerned about the future of public education and making sure all children succeed, have the social and emotional skills necessary to be successful in school, and have qualified teachers in the classroom, especially in rural areas such as the 83rd district. Incentives must be offered to college students to go into the field of education to increase the number of qualified teachers in the field.

Economic Development

Economic development is another priority that is important. This is necessary in order to provide opportunities for our communities to have jobs for our citizens. A qualified workforce is also essential to economic development. Training for skilled positions is a must. To accomplish this, I will actively recruit prospective companies by meeting with them and explaining the benefits of investing in our district. I will always be the number one advocate for obtaining good paying jobs in our communities. 


I believe that quality health care should be affordable for everyone. This is especially true of mental health services for adults and children. Prescriptions should be affordable as well. No one should have to choose between getting a prescription filled or eating. I will advocate for legislation to combat health care inequity.

safe communities

Safe Communities

Public safety is always a concern. Our communities must be a safe place to live, work, and go to school. Community policing is important to allow officers to develop relationships with the community and the community to develop relationships with the officers. It is also important for officers to be properly trained in dealing with mental health issues. I will promote legislation to ensure community safety remains a priority and will also work with local government and police departments to fight for safe communities.